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A little more about aluminum folding doors

Folding windows: a modern solution for living spaces

Folding windows are an increasingly popular solution in the design of residential spaces. Using innovative aluminum systems, such as Ponzio's PE68 and PE78, as a manufacturer of accordion windows We offer modern solutions available in low-threshold or standard variants. Thanks to its unique design, accordion windows are an attractive and functional alternative to traditional sliding doors.

One of the biggest advantages accordion windows is the possibility of almost completely opening up the space of the room. The use of this type of windows means the absence of any use restrictions when windows Are open. As a result, residents can enjoy unobstructed access to their surrounding environment, unhindered by the frames and wings of traditional windows.

Split configuration accordion windows is customized, taking into account the dimensions of the window and technological possibilities. Thanks to this, we are able to provide flexibility in designing solutions that best fit the interior.

High quality and durability is another advantage accordion windows. Made of high quality aluminum, accordion windows by Ponzio are resistant to weather conditions and retain their properties for many years. They are available in full colors from the RAL palette, as well as in wood-like colors, which allows you to perfectly match the selected interior design.

Folding windows They are also distinguished by their aesthetic design. Their minimalist design, devoid of visible hinges and elements, gives the interior a modern and elegant look. As a result, accordion windows are not only practical, but also a beautiful solution for different types of interiors.

Aluminum folding windows are an increasingly desirable element in the modern arrangement of living spaces. Their unique construction, flexibility of configuration, durability and elegant design attract customers looking for modern solutions. Top-Plast, as a reputable manufacturer of accordion windows, offers high quality and a wide selection in terms of products. As a result, customers can enjoy not only an aesthetically pleasing interior, but also a functional and comfortable living space.

Aluminum folding windows Are a modern solution for living spaces. Thanks to their special design, they allow almost complete opening of the space, which provides free access to the surroundings. Flexibility in division configuration accordion windows Allows you to customize them according to your individual needs. High quality, durability and elegant design make the accordion windows are an increasingly desirable element in modern arrangements. Top-Plast, as an experienced manufacturer of accordion windows, offers a wide range of products to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.


Available colors of aluminum folding doors

List of available possible configurations of aluminum folding doors

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pvc windows aluplast veka manufacturer

Folding doors: a practical and stylish solution for living spaces

When we plan the arrangement of our house or apartment, one of the key elements to pay attention to is the door. Choosing the right door has a significant impact on both the functionality and aesthetics of our interior. One of the increasingly popular solutions are folding doors, which are an excellent alternative to traditional solutions.

One of the biggest advantages folding doors is their ability to fold sideways, allowing the space to open up completely. Thanks to this, folding doors allow free access between rooms, and also ensure optimal use of available space. This is especially important for smaller apartments, where saving space is crucial.

Another advantage folding doors is their aesthetics. With a minimalist design and a choice of different materials and finishes, folding doors They fit perfectly into modern interiors.  Folding doors They can also have elegant and aesthetically pleasing glazing that lets more natural light into the rooms, creating a pleasant and bright atmosphere.

High quality workmanship is another advantage folding doors. 

Folding doors They are also very practical. Thanks to their folding design, they allow easy penetration between rooms, without having to open traditional doors. They are particularly useful if you frequently move between rooms, for example, in the case of an open kitchen combined with a dining room or living room.

To summarize, folding doors provide a practical and stylish solution for living spaces. Their ability to fold freely, aesthetics and high quality workmanship make them increasingly popular among designers and customers. Choosing folding doors, we can enjoy not only functionality, but also a modern and elegant appearance of our interior.