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Ponzio aluminum windows PE96 Passive - modern aluminum windows For energy-efficient homes.

Nowadays, energy savings are becoming increasingly important. Home and apartment owners are looking for solutions that will reduce heating costs while providing the necessary thermal insulation. In this context, it is worth noting Ponzio PE96 Passive - aluminum windows, which are perfect for energy-efficient buildings.

Manufacturer Ponzio PE96 Passive aluminum windows offers a number of solutions, thanks to which the windows use materials and technologies that ensure optimal thermal insulation. Multi-chamber thermal separators, as well as special gaskets, make the PE96 aluminum windows Passive provide high thermal insulation, which is associated with lower heating costs and increased indoor comfort.

In addition, manufacturer of aluminum windows company Top-Plast system Ponzio PE96 Passive offers many possibilities related to the construction of structures of different sizes and shapes. A lot of freedom in the choice of hardware allows you to tailor windows to individual customer needs. The possibility of joining the sashes with the frame in one plane on the external side and bending profiles are other advantages that positively affect the use of the aluminum windows PE96 Passive.

Aluminum windows Ponzio PE96 Passive They also offer a number of thermal insulation variants, depending on the insulation inserts used. Warmest version aluminum windows PE96NHI+ with a sealed subglass chamber and an aerogel insulation insert boasts an excellent Uf heat transfer coefficient from 0.6 W/m2K.

If you want maximum energy savings, then aluminum windows Ponzio PE96 Passive Are an excellent choice. Their excellent thermal insulation, a variety of design options and many variations in thermal insulation make them perfect for energy-efficient buildings. It is worth noting aluminum window manufacturer Top-Plast company, which offers Ponzio PE96 Passive system and take advantage of offers tailored to our needs.

  • high thermal insulation is guaranteed by 62 mm wide multi-chamber thermal breaks and a two-component central gasket
  • possibility to make large-size structures
  • possibility to flush window sashes with the frame (one plane on the outside)
  • many ways of corner connections
  • glazing beads with a height of 22 mm and 28 mm
  • Ponzio aluminum windows PE96 Passive provide high thermal insulation.
  • Multi-chamber thermal breaks with a width of 62 mm and a two-component central gasket guarantee this insulation.
  • It is possible to make large-scale structures.
  • Wings aluminum windows can be flush with the frame, forming a single plane on the outside.
  • There are different ways of corner connections available.
  • The glazing beads are 22 mm or 28 mm high.
  • Windows Ponzio PE96 Passive are the ideal choice for those looking for aluminum windows, which are energy efficient and have an above-average design