The IDEAL 4000 profile series combines state-of-the-art technology with the highest comfort of use. The strong construction of profiles with a depth of 70-85 mm and large chambers for steel reinforcements guarantee optimal static parameters and make it possible to make windows of large dimensions. On the other hand, multi-chamber construction ensures high thermal and acoustic insulation. Original and harmonious design, combined with a wide range of system solutions, provide unlimited opportunities to create windows and thus emphasize your own style. The universal IDEAL 4000 system is perfect for both modern architecture of single- and multi-family housing, as well as for renovations. In the latter case, where it is often not possible to enlarge the window opening, a particularly important advantage is the reduced height of the frame and sash, which increases the glazing area and allows more light into the rooms.

Classic, elegant lines in slender profiles with distinctive contours of the non-faced version are a guarantee of timeless elegance. Various types of glazing strips allow for additional styling of the window and matching the character of the interior. 

The IDEAL 4000 85 mm variant available in this series is a system that is a combination of the most popular solutions with external sealing with a six-chamber frame construction with a depth of 85 mm, allowing better thermal insulation of windows. This is a guarantee of the highest standard based on a proven and market-appreciated product. At the same time, the perfect choice of forms makes the windows in this line an excellent element in interior design, which obtain an original and unusual appearance.

  • 5-6 chamber system in standard combination
  •  installation depth 70 / 85 mm
  • permeability coefficient of a standard combination
    frame-to-sash Uf = 1.2-1.4 W/m²K
  • system with external sealing (2 gaskets)
  • glazing width up to 48 mm
  • many wing variants
  • possibility of hidden drainage
  • available in numerous color variations