A system with a three-chamber design of profiles with a hardware groove in the "euro" standard and with a hardware groove used in doors and balcony windows made of PVC or wooden profiles. The structural depth of the sections for frames is 68 mm, and for sashes is 76 mm. An optimized thermal break of 32 mm and a one- or two-component central seal guarantee high thermal performance. In the PE68+ version with closing of the subglass chamber, Uf is from 1.5 W/m2K.
  • high thermal insulating power - thanks to an optimized 32 mm thermal break and a double or single-component central seal
  • easy installation of a wide range of hardware
  • three-chamber construction provides high strength of profiles, allowing to make large-size structures
  • possibility to flush window sashes with the frame (one plane on the outside)
  • possibility to bend profiles
  • many ways of corner connections
  • possibility to create many variants of windows, e.g., tilt-and-turn, outward opening, hidden sash, pivot, etc.
  • different variants of thermal insulation, depending on the insulation inserts used: PE68+, PE68HI